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Here at Damn Near Kilt ‘Em our tastes run a little astray from conventional wisdom. Despite people's diverse backgrounds and different interests, we believe there's a few things we can all agree on (especially since you are on a site reading about a kilt company): Pants pinch your jiblets and are clearly a sub-optimal part of any man's attire $300 should buy a chainsaw, not a piece of clothing Go 'Hawks (may only apply if you're from our hometown of Seattle)

Pretty good light-weight kilt, ready for warm weather!


630 W Nickerson St Unit C Seattle


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7 Reviews
Robert Neel
Nothing Better Looking Than A Man in a Kilt

I work in construction, and have worn kilts for a long time. People always think it's funny to see a man in a kilt at a construction site, but after watching me work for a few minutes, their minds are changed. It sure looks a helluva lot better than these guys running around with their underwear out and their pants down. In addition, pants get hot, even short pants are hot or will ride up in the crotch. That's not a problem here!! Kilts should be mandatory wear.

April 2017

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This Kilt Is Awesome!

This kilt is awesome! The design is inspired -- with snaps in the right places, blade pleats, cargo pockets plus a back pocket! The build is sturdy -- made out of heavy (like good hiking shorts) duck. (They should add vertical hand pockets (like trouser pockets) to the cargo pocket assembly (which should be gusseted), or beneath it). I can speak to how it washes yet. I wonder if they shrink.

April 2017

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Brooklyn, NY
Good Experience

Amazing quality clothing along with customer service. When I got my kilt I did have an issue with my right pocket. I told them what happened and they paid for the slip to send it back. They fixed it for free, then sent it back to my house. It looked like it came from across the pond, not the country. I got the kilt in memory of my late father and the clan our family is from. And I can say I wear it in pride of my heritage. I'm gonna buy more things from them :)

December 2016

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7 Reviews


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