You are proud of your Scottish heritage, and you love being around other Scots who are just as thrilled to claim the land that you come from as home. On our Scottish Events page, we offer a selection of events that are held in Scotland and other countries during the spring and summer. These events help celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture with a focus on the Scottish Highlands. Browse the events below and connect with other Scots on classic heritage items such as the kilt and bagpipes. You can even enjoy fun games such as the caber toss!

Featured Events

Sun 03 Sep
Kilt Blowing with The Devil's Panties

Kilt Blowing with The Devil's Panties

in Highland Games

Imagine this: A room full of screaming men & women positively foaming at the mouth as a parade of kilts are strutted on stage. Welcome to D*C Kilt Blowing!

at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Sun 12 Feb
in Scottish Festival

Shindigs Irish Pub Port Saint Lucie

Join us for an afternoon of Irish music and rollicking good fun

at Port St Lucie,

Sun 10 Sep
in Highland Games

Meet and Greet Scottish Dogs

at Minnawarra Park

Sun 17 Sep
in Highland Games

YesBikers and Freedom Convoy take on the Capital

All cars and bikes welcome we hope to bring hundreds of vehicles out to support the event

at Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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