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My name is Brice Lythgoe. I am the owner/founder of UT Kilts. I am married with three wonderful children. My passion for kilts came out of doing genealogical work for my family. I always knew my family was from Scotland, but I never knew the details. Working with my genealogy made me feel like I was really getting to know my ancestors. It seemed to naturally lead me to looking at kilts as something I would like to wear. After searching everywhere for a good looking, reasonably priced kilt, I gave up. I could not find them. That was how UT Kilts was started. We continue to offer the best priced kilts with the highest quality anywhere.

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Scot W Jebens
Rochester, MN
High quality for a reasonable price!

They sell kilts with three types of material, acrylic, 13oz wool, and 16 oz wool. They are amazing quality for the price, which is very reasonable. A quality wool kilt for under $100? You can also have custom kilts made (they say up to 8 weeks, I’d say they average 4-5). Take my money!

May 2018

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Love It

This is my first kilt and I bloody love it. Über comfortable and beautifully woven. The buckles and straps seem sturdy enough, though I measured my waist at 43 and bought a 42. The kilt fits me perfectly with the straps buckled all the way down. I recommend erring on the small side. Also be sure to snip the string between the pleats after you get your badass kilt!

May 2017

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United States
The truth is this appears to be a really great kilt. However there are some downsides

The truth is this appears to be a really great kilt. However there are some downsides, and those are mostly the straps and buckles, The straps are extremely thin, and the buckles are flimsy. To me I find this concerning, and anticipate having to replace them. That said the weight, fall, and fit of the kilt are great. I really really want to like everything about this, I just can't understand why they couldn't spend two dollars to make sure that the buckles and straps were up to snuff.

May 2017

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