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2020 SE Bush ST
Oregon 97202
United States

Head south on 21st Ave from SE Powell and you will run into Manifestions PDX. We are in the front left of the warehouse.

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  • Men's & Women's Kilts Made in the USA. Adjustable Waist Sizes, Attachable Pockets, Box Pleats, Wrinkle Free Cotton/Polyester Twill Blend, Internal Pocket.


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 PM to 5 PM


12 Reviews
Don Guyton
Colorado Springs
Bad ass kilt

Got my kilt today. This kilt is bad ass. It appears and feels sturdy. I am digging it.

May 2018

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Jasmin Waffles Allgood
Great kilt with tons of actual use!

Great kilt with tons of actual use! I mostly wear my 3 kilts when I volunteer with Dragon Con in Atlanta. I need to be able to have LOTS of various items on me at all times, and having this style of kilt is the best and easiest way to accomplish that goal. With all the pockets and room for pockets, I can carry a Leatherman, a medical pouch, a radio, cell phone, keys, hand sanitizer, snacks, a water bottle, several knives, ID/wallet/debit cards and a small variety of tools to help me do my job, with room to spare. It's easier and more comfortable than wearing pants. The best part is that everything fits on my body, and I don't have to worry about a bag. I love that the pleats are sewn down so there is no need to iron this kilt, ever. The snaps make getting it on and off easy, and the placement of the snaps allows me to change how I wear my kilt. I looked long and hard to find a good kilt designed for women that had functionality built into it. This is it. Strangers stop me all the time and comment on it. They always say that it's obviously well made and that it looks great. I love it because I never have to remember a purse. The only complaint I have is that you guys are on the other side of the US, so I can't tell you this face to face and to thank you for making a utility kilt for women that functions well.

May 2017

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Chris Claggett
feels good to wear

I personally own 3 kilts and have competed in the Scottish Highland Games for near 10 years. My first kilt was decent but flimsy and has aged well. My second kilt was a certain Sport kinda Kilt and better serves as a bathrobe than anything I want to throw trees in. Then there is my STK. It feels heavy in your hands, but is nearly weightless when it is on my waist. When it is on me, I know that it is not going to fall off or come open whilst spinning the 56lb weight for distance in a games. I love the easily movable and removable pockets and the nearly hidden built-in pocket in the front that I stashed a 22oz bottle of cider that even the STK boys didn't notice. In the 3 plus years that I have owned my STK, I have abused it, competed in it, worn it out on a few pub crawls, and even worn it into my classroom a few times to show it off to my students. Every time and every where, it looks good and feels good to wear. This year prior to the Portland Highland Games, I looked into my closet and looked at all my kilts. As I thought about the possibility of switching to another kilt, I thought about how the others felt to me, comfy old t-shirt, bathrobe, or my Battle Kilt. Putting it on and drawing the belt in, I could not but help but feel a powerful warriors spirit. I will only ever wear a Stumptown Kilt as long as I compete in the Highland Games.

May 2017

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