Kiltman Kilts


Maybe you’ve heard Kiltman doesn’t just make kilts and pockets. Kiltman also releases bulletins, which is what he calls blog posts, but that sounds more interesting than blog posts.  

What happened was the internet came to Kiltman and said, “Kiltman, tell me more. Write short, elliptical bulletins that people can half pay attention to while they’re surfing the internet and/or trying to make a thoughtful buying decision about utility kilts. And dispatches too from Kiltmanland. We hereby demand your content marketing Kiltman.”

And I, the very Kiltman Kilts in the first and third persons, obliged, since our staff meetings often have the memorable memo or noteworthy note that we really have no other use for.

Kiltman, ever ready to publicize the comfort and many uses of his kilts, and his campaign to kilt up everybody no matter their budget, Kiltman - ready with his kilts and pockets, quickly agreed to also make bulletins and somewhat irreverent commentary in support of his kilting ways.


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