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Accessories for the kilt truly work to tie a kilt ensemble together. Regardless of whether you want to accessorize your casual kilts or are hoping to add some class to a formal kilt, the accessories for sale on the Kilt Accessories page at Kilt Guide are here to help. You can see more information at kilt accessories (Wikipedia) On this page, you can enjoy items such as buckles and belts, kilt pins, jewelry, headgear, Jacobite shirts, weapons, undergarments, socks, military accessories, kilt jackets, full kilt outfits and so much more. Enhance the look of your kilt ensemble by shopping the Kilt Accessories at Kilt clothing today!

Kiltpin Scotland

in Scottish Kilts, Jacobite Shirts, Prince Charlie Jackets, Tweed Jackets, Prince Charlie Outfits

Hire traditional Prince Charlie outfits, right up to the most contemporary and exclusive looks available today. We only use the very best local suppliers for our jackets, kilts and accessories, to ensure your outfit is truly Scottish.

13 Callendar Riggs, Falkirk,

United Kingdom

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Kirk Wynd Highland House

in Belts and Buckles, Ghillie Brogues, Dress Sporrans, Kilt Hire, Hats & Caps

Family owned business established in 1969, serving the community in Fife. We offer a large selection of tartans for hire and sale, including the very popular Scotland's National, Black Watch, Hebridean Heather and Black Isle as well as three unique .

68 South St St. Andrews Fife KY16 9JT
Scotland KY16 9JT
United Kingdom

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The Harp and Dragon

in Practice Chanter, Lyra Harps, Bagpipes and Uilleann Pipes, Belts and Buckles, Highland Jewelry, Day Sporrans

harps, practice chanters, practice pipes, Irish bodhrans, penny whistles, low and alto whistles, Irish flutes and piccolos, Celtic jewelry, Celtic crafts

25 Madison St, Cortland


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Scots Usa

in HeadGear, Belts and Buckles, Ghillie Brogues

6 Logie Mill, Edinburgh, EH7 4HG.
United Kingdom

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StillWater Kilts

in Scottish Kilts, Belts and Buckles, Day Sporrans, Semi Dress Sporrans, Prince Charlie Outfits

We are a small family-run business based in Bloomington, MN. Our goal is to provide a positive and affordable experience for the first-time kilt buyer, and to supply unique, reasonably-priced accessories that any kilt-wearer will appreciate.

8108 Pillsbury Avenue S,Bloomington


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