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With our heritage extending back over 130 years, Hector Russell is steeped in the tradition, knowledge and service that Highland Dress commands.

Whilst this craft still uses time served traditional methods, Hector Russell recognise that times change.

You may require a classic Highland Dress outfit or a more cutting edge contemporary look. Here at Hector Russell, with our unrivalled level of service – we are experts at both.

You may have worn Highland dress for many years or this could be your first experience of this classic Scottish attire. We recognise the importance of such a significant purchase – be it a gift, coming of age birthday, special celebration or your “big day”.

We will ensure that our staff provide you with all the information you require, to ensure your experience with Hector Russell is to your complete satisfaction.

Hector Russell has been the outfitter of choice for many generations. Our motto “Deagh luaghis seirbhis” (for quality and service) is as important today as it ever was.


137-141 High Street EH1 1 Edinburgh, United Kingdo

United Kingdom

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