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Ghillie Brogues are long stockings normally worn knee-high with the upper part of the hose folded back down to create a thicker cuff just below the knee. Highland footwear is designed to complement all your Scottish Tartan and Kilt Clothing.

American Highlander

in Scottish Kilts, Ghillie Brogues, Childrens Kilt Outfits, Belts and Buckles

The American Highlander is a new brand that is developing products that connect people with Gaelic roots and culture.

1311 Route 37W

United States

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Kilt Direct

in Scottish Kilts, Prince Charlie Outfits, Prince Charlie Jackets, Ghillie Brogues, Day Sporrans, Belts and Buckles

Kilts Direct supplies trade / wholesale to a number of High Street and online retail outlets in Scotland. We supply to them at trade / factory prices, and now it's now time for you to benefit from our low prices by buying direct.

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