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Here at Damn Near Kilt ‘Em our tastes run a little astray from conventional wisdom. Despite people's diverse backgrounds and different interests, we believe there's a few things we can all agree on (especially since you are on a site reading about a kilt company): Pants pinch your jiblets and are clearly a sub-optimal part of any man's attire $300 should buy a chainsaw, not a piece of clothing Go 'Hawks (may only apply if you're from our hometown of Seattle)


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A. Aquino
Bend, OR
Caring Customer Service

I measured at 45" around the belly and got the XL, it fit perfectly. This is by far my favorite kilt out of the ones I own. They are built very well and looked great with my sporran. My only issue is inside my left cargo pocket the string is a but messy and I kept a catching it and yanking it out on accident. As far as I can tell it's just excess string as everything seems to be nice and tight still. Also this company cares! I received a couple follow up e-mails before and after the arrival of my kilt, that's customer service!

May 2017

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Tommy Jordan
Albemarle, NC
Perfect Kilt

My wife purchased this almost as a joke, not thinking I'd like it. Boy was she wrong! I love my kilt! I wear it just about all the time around the house and the yard. I wear it around town just to pretend to ignore the confused looks people give me. lol. I did have a lady in Lowe's Hardware store stop me and ask me "Who I was supposed to be" that day. Sizing: I read a lot of complaints about how the kilt isn't sized right. After ordering the wrong size myself and having to replace it, I have to admit that if you read the manufacturer's instructions, and measure before you order, you'll be satisfied! Otherwise, you'll make the same mistake I did. I wear a 36 in everything; pants, shorts, jeans, etc. In a kilt I wear a 40. They don't ride the same and aren't measured the same. Durability: I know they all say dry clean only but I knew I wasn't going to do that on day one! I'm going to wash and wear. So, after two months and probably a dozen times through the washer the kilt looks just as good as it did on day one. Yes, the pleats suffer a little without dry cleaning, so I'll be carrying mine to the dry cleaners every month or so just to get them pressed properly, but for everyday wear washing on a gentle cycle and hang-drying works fine.

May 2017

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West Hollywood, CA
This kilt is awesome!

This kilt is awesome! The design is inspired -- with snaps in the right places, blade pleats, cargo pockets plus a back pocket! The build is sturdy -- made out of heavy (like good hiking shorts) duck. (They should add vertical hand pockets (like trouser pockets) to the cargo pocket assembly (which should be gusseted), or beneath it). I can speak to how it washes yet. I wonder if they shrink. Sizing: I followed the Amazon drop-down sizing info and ordered a Small (W 33-34"), 33" being my natural (at the belly button) waist measurement. They fit great! Note that these, as all, kilts are high-wasted (but you can slide them down). Worn at the natural waist, this kilt hits me just under the knee. Purists may want to hem up to the standard middle of the knee. (You can pull the kilt up, but it rides pretty high already, which, by the way, has a slimming effect.) In any case, I like the longer length. Also, you can't beat this price. Utilikilts start at double the price, or I might try theirs. I am fond of this kilt already (first day). Can't wait to break it in and soften it up. Oh, a note for those who have never worn a kilt: try one, you may never want to go back to trousers.

May 2017

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