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When measuring for any kilt, you'll want to measure at your waist, just a bit above your navel. 
Furthermore, when measuring for one of our custom made, adjustable Utility Kilts, keep in mind there are 3 rows of adjustable snaps to give you greater flexibility than with other brands. However, for a perfect fit, always round up. If you're 32 & 1/2" around your waist, you'll need to order a 34. Our Utility Kilts tend to be a bit tighter fit than most are used to, considering a kilt is meant to trim the figure when worn correctly. 
When ready, order from Best in Scotland.


Located in Edinburgh on the Royal Mile, right next to Edinburgh Castle.

We've been in business for over 40 years and have always been grateful for the opportunity to serve customers from around the world.

In 1969 we noticed that Scotland was already garnering tourist interest and so the founder of our company opened a small shop on the Royal Mile, the first of it's kind. Since then we have provided high quality items through many stores in the Scottish Capital City of Edinburgh and seven years ago we opened our current location on the Mound.


2-3 North Bank Street Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2L
Midlothian EH1 2LP

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2 Reviews
Great quality and service!

I have always been dubious about tartan mini skirts, but the quality of the one I ordered was excellent, and everyone has commented on how lovely it looks. 10/10 for price, quality, and service!

August 2017

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Joonas Kilappa
Wonderful service attitude and very helpful.

Once upon a time three stooges were looking to acquire kilts for themselves. The staff of best kilts helped out immensely and decked us out in the fibest of garments. Professional attitude, helpful service and quality goods. William would be proud.

March 2017

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2 Reviews


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