Long Tartan Skirt


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Make a bold statement with your daily wear with the Button and Zipped Long Tartan Skirt. This design is an eye-catching, billowy skirt that is made with tartan fabric to give you an authentic Scottish look without limiting you to only kilts to do so. The skirt sits snugly and high around the waist to help accent the shape of your waist. The acrylic wool fabric hangs down loosely to your ankles where the hem ruffles up a little to give it a soft, feminine look. With this acrylic wool material comes total comfort and breathability, so that you can wear it even in warm weather without getting too hot. You can choose from any number of available tartan colors and patterns to find the one that best suits your tastes. The tartan skirt is entirely made to measure to make sure that it is going to fit you perfectly straight out of the box. Choose your waist size and hip size in inches as well as your desired kilt length and fell measurement. Send in your measurements when you place your order and we will make the skirt to those specifications and with any hardware you choose

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12538 Basque Pl Woodbridge VA 22192 USA, Virginia 22192 , United States

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