Custome Made Tartan Skirts


This Tartan skirt with frilled Tassels made with a standard solid piece of Tartan that enhance a tartan design of your selection from one of the large selection of tartans available. It is made out of soft, warm acrylic wool that is warm but lightweight, making it ideal to wear in any weather from winter to summer to show your proud heritage or style. At the bottom hem of the skirt are rope-style tassels that are made from the same tartan to match your selected tartan to the knee for a stylish look. The skirts has button closure and zip fly that make it easier and comfortable to put on and off . It also offers the belt loops if you want to use some to tighten it or just to match your style. When you buy the Tartan Skirt with Tassels from Scottish skirts, you can take the guesswork out of buying clothing online. The Skirt is entirely made to measure, meaning that we will make the kit to the precise measurements that you provide for the Skirt. Before you submit your order, send in the waist and hip measurements to get an accurate fit straight out of the packaging. You can also include the preferred length of the Skirt as well as the fell measurement to make it fit perfectly from top to bottom. Finally, choose the buttons and hardware that you like the most to finish off the look.


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