Do you have a kilt that just does not suit your evolving sense of style anymore? Would you like to pass on that cherished sporran to someone else in the spirit of giving? Maybe you are on the hunt for a new kilt with a very specific design or tartan and are having a hard time finding it anywhere else. Whatever you are after, the Classifieds section of Kilt Guide can help. You can list your items for sale and browse the items that have been posted by other users on this buy and sell page.

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Cameron Tartan

Cameron Tartan Kilt is ideal for any formal or informal occasion and will enable you to do it for years to come thanks to its durable and high-quality materials. Red, white and black are the primary colours in the Cameron kilt.

Black Watch Tartan
in Kilts

Black watch tartan kilt give you traditional look. it is easy to wear and clean. it is made genuine quality of acrylic wool.

Custome Made Tartan Skirts

Every day it seems that you see your peers walking around in their tartan kilts & skirts, proudly displaying their family tartan, regional tartan or clan tartan.

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Kilt Femme
in Kilts

Kilt Femme de nos sont faits juste pour les dames et peuvent être portés pour n'importe quelle occasion occasionnelle ou même pour le travail. Il vous maintient pour se refroidir et confortable dans vos corvées aussi bien que dans votre travail.

US Army Tartan

US Army Tartan Kilt is made with high quality of 8 yards of heavy weight Poly-Viscose with fringe on the apron and extra deep pleats.

Macgregor Tartan

MacGregor Tartan Kilt is for you. No matter what the day's events entail, this kilt is the perfect choice for making a bold statement either day or night.