Find All Top Kilt Events About Scottish Culture in Kilt Guide Directory

Find All Top Kilt Events About Scottish Culture in Kilt Guide Directory

Scottish events are excellent ways for you to meet up with other Scots who have similar interests and heritages that you can discuss and enjoy with one another. They are fun events that can vary from day to day, including things such as charity events or simple get-togethers. Keeping track of these events in your area can be a bit tricky unless you want to search out Scottish events on your search engine once every few months or scour the pages of social media to find the best events nearest you. That changes completely with the Kilt Guide Directory for Scottish events. This page will show you all of the events happening near you in the coming months so that you can RSVP and make the necessary preparations to attend.

By keeping an eye on the Kilt Guide Directory, you will be the first to know about the Scottish events that are happening all around you, such as these occurring in the upcoming months:

The Bella & Co Kilt Walk

This Kilt Walk is a walk that benefits the Spikin Autism group as well as the Canine Generated Independence group. Both of these are nonprofit organizations, and the walk only lasts for an hour of your afternoon on Sunday, June 3rd. The kilt walk begins at 11AM on Sunday and goes until 12PM that same day and will allow you to walk alongside other kilt wearers and their families for a good cause.

Kilt Walk for Thistle 2018

This event is for kilt wearers and their loved ones to donate money in an effort to raise 10,000 pounds for The Thistle Foundation. The goal is to reach 10,000 pounds so that the Hunter Foundation will donate another 4,000 pounds to the cause. Families and individuals can sign up and raise money for the six-mile Wee Wander, the 13 mile Big Stroll and the 26 mile Mighty Stride. This event takes place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on Sunday, September 16. It runs from 10AM until 1PM.

Kilt Walk Aberdeen

This Kilt Walk is organized to benefit the Charlie House, which is an organization that supports young people with life-limiting conditions and disabilities. Kilt wearers can choose different distances to walk and have the ability to help raise as much as possible. The donations are matched by the Hunter Foundations and this event takes place on June 3rd in Aberdeen. It runs from 9AM until 5 PM on this day.

Perth Brewery World Record Kilt Run 2018

The Perth Brewery World Record Kilt Run 2018 is another event happening in June in Perth, Ontario. It lets kilt wearers of any age follow a path through the beautiful stone streets of Perth and across the Tay River. It occurs on Saturday, June 23rd from 6PM to 8PM.

These exciting events are just a handful of many that you will find on the Kilt Guide Directory for Scottish events. Keep checking the convenient directory every so often for more chances to get out into the world and share your love for all things Scotland.