Where to Buy Top Quality Custom Made Tartan Skirts

When it comes to shopping for kilts and skirts, there are many benefits to buying them online opposed to relying on a brick and mortar store to have exactly what you need. For this reason, you can find tartan kilts for sale in a number of different places on the Internet. Since there are so many options, it may seem overwhelming or difficult to determine where you should be buying your kilts, as each place seems to have its own benefits and downfalls. In this article, we will help you figure out which online shop you should be visiting to find your new favorite kilt.

Heritage of Scotland

Wedding Collection

Heritage of Scotland is another online shop that offers tartan skirts for sale. Skirts such as long tartan skirts and kilts and standard plaid tartan kilts are available through this site. They come right off the shelf and are not made to order, and there are limited designs available, meaning that you might not always be able to find the tartan kilt that your heart is set on. That said, the prices of these skirts are fair and affordable, and the shipping charge is standard, helping to further keep the costs low and the skirts easy to obtain. They also have fast processing that takes only three or four days to complete, and the order process is simple and straightforward. There is currently no substantial feedback from the kilt community on this site.


Amazon is a site that is commonly used to shop for just about anything, and kilts and skirts are no exception. On Amazon, you will find a wide variety of skirts being sold by different sellers, and because there are so many sellers, that means the price will be very competitive. This will also mean that there are many options for you to choose from in terms of tartan styles and colors. That said, because there are so many, the quality of the skirts you want to buy cannot always be attested for, so it could be a gamble. Amazon sometimes offers free shipping, and if it isn't free, it is usually low. Another perk is having the ability to read the reviews of all of the different types of skirts that you are interested in on each of the pages.


Scotland Shop


Scotland Shop combines both made-to-order skirts with off-the-shelf kilts, so that you can order them the way you prefer and trust. This convenience extends to the fact that there are so many different kinds of tartan styles and patterns to choose from with hundreds available at any given time. The price for getting your kilt at Scotland Shop is a little high, though, as they seem to be a bit more expensive than some other sites online. The standard shipping price doesn’t do much to lower the overall costs, so you may pay more here than you would on other sites for similar skirts. They have a two-week processing time, and they have a good reputation.



Etsy is a shop known for its handmade items, so if you want to get a kilt that is totally one of a kind, Etsy is probably your best bet. There are many different tartans being sold on Etsy, and because of the many sellers, the prices are competitive. Shipping will also vary depending on the seller. At Etsy, you will also have the chance to read the different reviews that each seller has on their page, which is convenient.

Scottish Kilt Shop

Scottish Kilt Shop is one of the most popular sites to order skirts and kilts from as there are many perks to ordering from this shop. One of the main benefits of ordering from Scottish kilt Shop is the huge selection of tartan styles that are available. Unlike a lot of brick and mortar shops or even other online shops, Scottish Kilt Shop  boasts hundreds of different tartans to choose from, so that you are not limited in your options when it comes to your style. They even offer skirts like a fringe tartan skirt, box-pleated tartan skirt, mini kilt/tartan skirt, tartan maxi skirt and more.​ Along with the vast selection of Tartan Kilts, you can make sure that your skirts are going to fit perfectly because each one of the skirts is made only after you order it. You send in your preferred kilt length and fell measurement as well as your hip and waist sizes and they make the kilt according to that information. It may seem that by making the skirts to measure you must wait a long time before you get the kilt, but the fact is that Scottish Kilt Shop only takes two weeks to process your kilt opposed to some other companies that can take months before you have the kilt in your hand. Ordering is easy, too, and it takes only minutes to find the tartan kilt you want and get it ordered. The seller also has plenty of positive feedback and has a good reputation among the kilt-wearing community.


Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing sells a deluxe tartan kilt and tartan skirts, but they have limited designs to choose from. They also only offer a few sizes, which might exclude you from getting the kilt that you want. Either way, they are easy to order from, making them at least convenient. The pricing of their kilts is also quite cheap, which can help you get a good kilt without breaking the bank if they have the one you like. It takes around two to three days to process your order, and they offer standard shipping.Even with so many different kinds of online kilt shops, you can easily find the one you want if you know where to look. Consider all of the pros and cons of these various kilt shops and then head over to one of them to find the kilt of your dreams.