Tips for Wearing a Kilt for a Scottish Wedding

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December 05, 2016 By Hayley

 Even if you've never donned a kilt before, you may be considering sporting one for your wedding if you're of Scottish heritage. After all, there's no better way to complete a Scottish wedding theme than with a classic tartan kilt. If you're planning to sport one for your wedding day, there are some things that you need to know to pull off the look and ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Read on to learn more.

The Full Scottish Wedding Ensemble for Men

A true traditional Scottish wedding ensemble includes more than just a kilt. You'll also need: -

- A Prince Charlie Jacket and Waistcoat

What goes on top matters as much as what goes on the bottom! The traditional jacket and vest makes a smart addition to the look of any kilt.

- Ghillie Shirt

Beneath your coat and jacket, you should sport a classic Scottish ghillie shirt with laces at the neckline.

- Glengarry Hat

While not absolutely mandatory, this traditional Scottish cap will add an authentic finishing touch to your look.

- Socks and Shoes

Kilt hose in white or black are the traditional socks to pair with a kilt. For your feet, you can choose from a number of leather dressy looks.

 - Accessories

A traditional kilt is worn with:

       - A leather belt complete with a decorative Celtic buckle

       - Flashes, which are worn on your kilt hose

       - A kilt pin, which usually includes a sword

       - A dress sporran, a pouch for holding small items

 The Scottish Kilt Shop carries everything that you need for that authentic loop.

Helpful Hints for Scottish Wedding Kilts

 Keep these tips in mind when you're shopping for Scottish wedding kilts:

1. A made-to-measure kilt is best

You want to feel your best on your wedding day and the best way to feel confident in a kilt is to purchase one that's made especially for you. This will ensure that the kilt is long enough and has a comfortable fit through the waist.

2. Turnaround time matters

If you're having a custom kilt made for the big day, you need to ensure that you leave enough time to receive the kilt. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we make bespoke kilts in just 2 to 3 weeks in most cases.

3. Check the return policy

Make sure that you'll be able to return the kilt if it doesn't meet your standards. This is the best way to ensure that you're happy with the kilt that you purchase. At the Scottish Kilt Shop, we won't rest until you're satisfied. We want your wedding to be a complete success.

 4. Mind how you sit

If you've never worn a kilt before, remember that you'll need to adjust how you sit to avoid giving your guests a special view. Sit with your knees together.

 Need some more information about wedding kilts? We'll be glad to assist you. Contact us at (443) 305-9839 or for assistance.

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