The Various Advantages of Kilt Convertible Backpack

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December 05, 2016 By Yasir Saeed

When I was traveling with my baby, I thought the best convertible backpack that could help me carry everything I needed for the trip. I desired something that could accommodate the baby food, nappies and towels. I also needed to carry some stuff for my personal use hence after some research, I settled for a convertible backpack which did not only seem to fit the pack, but also looked beautiful.

The Kilt convertible backpack for children is not only comfortable for my baby but also provides all the space I need to carry a variety of other things. When moving around, my little passenger usually falls asleep! It's so comfortable and can resist the shocks that are associated with moving on certain places with irregular terrain! The convertible backpack has well designed and beautiful pockets which can suit ant travel plan. It's so small that I can easily fold it and throw at the back of my car when my child is not using it.This convertible backpack has enough canopies that can provide the baby on board with the necessary protection against direct sun. You can monitor your child while inside with ease! And when you are pushing it, you need not apply excessive force. With little energy, it can move faster.

The stroller can carry a weight of 50 pounds hence making it possible to carry as many things as possible. This convertible backpack is lighter than many others hence you will not at any time exhaust yourself! I also liked the adjustable handle since I'm 5.'8 while my husband is 6'1 hence the handle can be adjusted to fit the height of any of us. The convertible backpack feels very safe and I can walk with my baby on board without getting worried. The price is just perfect and I'm very comfortable with it. It's a real value for your money. I would term it as an excellent convertible backpack that can suit the needs of most parents.

However, there are some few things which you may not be comfortable with. The convertible back pack has no place where I can place my wallet. Although the back pocket can do the trick, getting it can be a problem. I will have to take the carrier off hence disturbing the child in the process. It's also a very small carrier, if it can be made a little bigger, it will be pretty fine! With the few deficiencies, its still great backpack for every parent!

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