Tartan Wedding Favour Ideas

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December 20, 2016 By Kath Anderson

Traditionally, Brides often give their wedding guests a little treat or wedding favour in exchange for a wedding present given to the happy couple as a wedding gift.

The wedding gift can be money, a little something for their new house together. Recently a new trend is to contribute to the newlyweds honeymoon. You don't need to give a wedding favor as a treat.

The wedding favour idea is a nice gesture but can also dent a hole in your wedding budget. Brides often worry about trying to come up with a unique idea.

If you are having a Scottish wedding theme, either held in Scotland or overseas, why not give a little inexpensive DIY wedding favor in the form of seeds. Perhaps wildflowers or bluebells, which when planted in your garden will be a constant reminder of the happy couple's new life together.

You can always try to make your own shortbread or tablet with a homemade recipe handed down through generations before you. Try to think of a simple way of displaying the Scottish DIY wedding favours with perhaps some tartan ribbon to finish off the look. You can try and use your own surname if your ancestors are descended from Scotland or you can use the same tartan colors that your kilts are made from.

You can also give a wedding favor box with a tartan ribbon surrounding the box and tied in the middle. Or you can cover wedding favour boxes with tartan paper and secure with a tied tartan ribbon. Either will look fantastic as a DIY wedding favor box.

You can also tie your wedding favor box with a thistle in the centre of the box tied up with a tartan ribbon.

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