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The sporrans are the traditional part of male Scottish Highland dress, is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets on the pocketless kilt. Made of leather or fur, the ornamentation of the sporran is chosen to complement the formality of dress worn with it.

The Scotsman’s sporran – then and now

by Heather MacCain on

As uniquely Scottish as the kilt itself, a Scotsman’s sporran – at its most basic a pouch worn around the waist at the front of the kilt to take the place of pockets – is an essential part of any style of complete Highland kilt outfit!... Read full article

The Scottish Sporran - What's in Yours?

by Rauncie Kinnaird on

"Sporan" is the Gaelic word for purse. Although not initially part of Highland Dress, they have become an integral part of the ensemble. It has made a huge transformation from the small purse of deerskin that used to hang at the waist. ... Read full article

Sporrans - A History

by Iain Jacksons on

The word sporran means purse in Scottish Gaelic. As kilts do not have pockets, the sporran provided that function in traditional Scottish Highland dress. This pocket was large enough to hold pistols ammunition and rations! ... Read full article

A Traditional Scottish Wedding

by scotslass on

In Scotland you can exchange your wedding vows practically anywhere you desire too. You can say 'I DO' to the love of your life, by a 'scottish loch', in a romantic glen, on the shore of a snady beaach or even at the top of Arthur's seat! ... Read full article

A Guide to Choosing the Right Sporrans

by Ryan Maxey on

People who are not familiar with kilts will probably not be able to tell you exactly what a sporran is, even though there is a fairly good chance that they may have seen one in the past. ... Read full article