Scottish Wedding Accessories

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December 19, 2016 By Mark L Byrd

Whether you're looking to create a full Scottish theme for your wedding, or just want to add a few distinctive and carefully chosen Celtic touches, you'll need the right accessories to help create the look you're after.

Ideas for Scottish wedding flower arrangements

One of the most obvious ways to accessorise any wedding is with flowers. These will generally have a big part to play at the church or your chosen wedding venue, and also at the reception afterwards. In keeping with the Scottish theme you may want to think about incorporating some traditional Scottish flowers. For example, there's the country's national emblem, the thistle. Or perhaps heather, which can be incorporated into centrepieces on tables, and even used for buttonholes.

Or you may choose to pick up on the white and the blue of the Scottish flag, the Saltire, by using traditional white wedding flowers, such as roses, orchids and lily of the valley, in combination with blue freesias, lilac, hydrangeas or delphiniums.

The Saltire flag and thistle motifs on wedding stationery

Images of the Saltire and the thistle can also be used to accessorise wedding stationery, invitations, orders of service and place settings - and you could, of course, include that most Scottish of all symbols, tartan.

The versatility of tartan

Tartan will immediately impart a Scottish feel to a wedding. As well as being incorporated in kilts and sashes, tartan can be used in any number of ways to add a distinctive touch to flowers, clothes and decorations - think about tartan ribbon rosettes tied to the pews in church, or tartan taffeta bows on the dining chairs. If you have Scottish roots, you probably already have a well-established tartan for your family. But don't worry if you haven't.

Even if you are from outside Scotland, there may well be a tartan associated with your surname that you can use to give your Big Day a genuine Scottish connection. Or you could even create your very own wedding tartan - the perfect memento of a special time and place.

Traditional Scottish wedding music

Of course, if there's one other thing that says Scottish as much as tartan, it's the skirl of the pipes, so the sound of traditional bagpipes is the perfect soundtrack to any wedding with a Scottish theme. For even more authenticity, you could have a piper play in person, and why not go all the way with some traditional Scottish dancers?

Scottish heritage is broad and deep, full of iconic themes

For further inspiration, there's a wealth of Scottish heritage stretching back hundreds of years to draw upon. You could incorporate iconic Scottish themes such as whisky, golf, wildlife, mountains and beautiful scenery and even the Loch Ness Monster, into novelty items like ice sculptures or used as cake toppers.

And if you are Scottish and marrying someone who isn't, why not create a multi-cultural feel by taking something that represents their country and giving it a Scottish twist? With just a little imagination, you could come up with something unique and memorable.

With or without full Highland dress, if clothes and venues are thoughtfully accessorised, it's easy to ensure your guests have a true Scottish experience at your wedding.

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Mark L Byrd