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The modern, tailored kilt which is ubiquitous at Highland games gatherings around the world has associated with it an evolving style of wear. This style includes the Scottish Kilt Accessories and other accoutrements which are typically worn with it.

Highland Games – athletics, pipes and dancing

by Heather MacCain on

After an enjoyable weekend at the Cowal Highland Gathering a few weeks ago, we thought now would be the perfect time to discuss the wonderful tradition of Scottish Highland Games.... Read full article

The Scotsman’s sporran – then and now

by Heather MacCain on

As uniquely Scottish as the kilt itself, a Scotsman’s sporran – at its most basic a pouch worn around the waist at the front of the kilt to take the place of pockets – is an essential part of any style of complete Highland kilt outfit!... Read full article

When To Wear A Fly Plaid?

by Heather MacCain on

A fly plaid was originally part of the large piece of cloth called The Great Plaid (Féileadh Mòr). The roots of that garment reach Roman times, and the most “archaic” version was the tunic and a cloak (a “brat”) worn by Celtic warriors. ... Read full article

Kilt accessories – details that matter

by Heather MacCain on

As we have previously discussed the importance of jacket and sporran styles in determining the formality and meaning of your Scottish kilt outfit.... Read full article

A Guide to Kilt Outfits


Kilts are a rich part of Scottish heritage. They are perhaps the most iconic and memorable thing about Scotland for those who live outside of the country, as it is commonly thought that this garment originated in the country.... Read full article