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kilts are knee-length non-bifurcated skirt-type garment with pleats at the rear, originating in the traditional dress of men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16th century. Since the 19th century, it has become associated with the wider culture of Scotland, or with Celtic heritage even more broadly. It is most often made of woolen cloth in a tartan pattern.

Although the kilt is most often worn on formal occasions and at Highland games and sports events, it has also been adapted as an item of informal male clothing in recent years, returning to its roots as an everyday garment.

Particularly in North America kilts are now made for casual wear in a variety of materials. Alternative fastenings may be used and pockets inserted to avoid the need for a sporran.

7 Reasons - Why our Customers Love Us


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At Scottish Kilt, our number one priority is satisfying our customers. We strive to make and sell kilts that are a pleasure to wear and that stand the test of time. If our customers aren't happy, we're not happy either. ... Read full article

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A tartan is a specified fabric having different patterns of horizontal and vertical lines on a colored background. For example the black watch tartan with a black background! ... Read full article

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