Kilts: More than Just a Fashion Trend

History of KiltsHistory of Kilts

Kilts have long been a cultural marker of Scottish people and their heritage. When you think of a kilt, you are likely to think about men in full Highland's Dress wearing thick, wooly tartan kilts and playing the bagpipes. While that image isn't necessarily too far off from the truth, there are many other types of kilts and more reasons to wear them outside of just expressing a person's heritage and love of Scotland.

Of course, the kilt's cultural importance cannot be overlooked when considering some of the ways that kilts can be worn outside of cultural reasons. The kilt was once worn by those in the military as an official uniform. The long woolen bodies could be unwound to seek warmth under while out in the cold. When the dyeing technologies of Scotland became more sophisticated and kilts began being worn by more than just service members, kilts were also used to show off which family or clan a person belonged to, making them very meaningful articles of clothing.

It's likely you knew all of that, but did you know that the modern day kilts available today can offer you not only just a look back into history but a number of other benefits as well? For those who are looking for even more reasons to wear kilts, we're happy to present you with several.

One of the ways that kilts have started to stray from their original intended usage is the way that, these days, they are no longer only reserved for wear by men. Instead, as the fashion trends in Scotland shift over time, there are more and more instances of young women wearing kilts as well. This allows this iconic style to be available to everyone, which in turn makes Scottish style even more prominent than it was before.

Tartan Kilt

Tartan KiltBesides the commonly worn and acknowledged Tartan kilt, there are kilts that are better suited for wear outdoors or while working, and those are known as tactical kilts. Tactical kilts are better suited for the rugged outdoorsman who likes to wear kilts not only for their style but for their comfort as well. Usually made form strong material that is ready to weather any challenge you throw at them, these kilts are strong enough to go with you on arduous hikes or other strenuous activities while keeping you monumentally cooler and more comfortable than a pair of pants or even shorts would as these kilts are just as breathable as they are durable.

Oftentimes, people wear kilts as tactical work kilts for similar reasons. These kinds of kilts are more comfortable for wearing to work in outdoor locations or in places that are usually hot indoors. They offer better freedom of movement to get the job done and won't make you feel tight and constricted as the day goes on in the way that pants might. They also have pockets in them more often than not, allowing you to carry around important tools or other items that you want to keep close at hand and within easy reach during the day.

Tactical Kilts

Tactical kilts are not only comfortable but also incredibly stylish as well. Their heavy-duty nature gives them a bolder edge than standard tartan kilts do, and because they are kilts, that means they come in a number of unique styles for you to choose from. These tactical kilts, also called combat kilts, are also available as a camo utility kilt that is ideal for wearing just about anywhere, expressing not only your love of Scottish style but your outdoorsy side as well.Tactical Kilt

Outside of the style of tactical kilts and all of their benefits, there are also other demonstrated reasons why wearing kilts are beneficial outside of their cultural appeal. Research out of Erasmus MC University Medical Centre has shown that men who choose to wear kilts more regularly than pants have shown a heightened ability to conceive children. This is because of the date that shows men who prefer knee length kilts over classic trousers have a higher sperm quality, as well as higher fertility rates. Therefore, kilts make a great choice for men who are hoping to start a family.

Speaking of style, kilts nowadays are able to be custom made to suit anyone's tastes. While there are still several tartan fabrics that are commonly used in premade kilts for lovers of traditional tartan, there are also brand new tartans being churned out every day that will allow you to choose them based on your preferences of color and pattern. This opens up a whole other world of style and fashion opportunities, allowing you to play around with colors and textures to put together the perfect outfit all year long.

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