Kilts for Men - What Is It About A Man in A Kilt?

kilts for men

"A man in a kilt is a man and a half"

This old Scottish saying has passed down through the generations and is as relevant today as it was back then. The allure of kilts for men has certainly always been a source of intrigue for women all over the world.

So, what is it about a man in a kilt that attracts so much female attention?

The Kilt and Masculinity

Throughout history, the kilt has been an enduring symbol of masculinity. For many Scots the kilt has come to symbolise the fight for Scottish independence on the battlefield many years ago. Wearing kilts is, for many men, one of the most powerful ways to represent their history and ancestry.

This famous garment is bound up with so much symbolic importance. It is so much more than just a pattern. Kilts, for most men, represent their identity, heritage and the bravery and tenacity of their ancestors. The deep significance of kilts has carried forward in time and can still be seen in Scottish celebrations and events that take place throughout the world today.

Kilts Are Famous Across the World

One such occasion is the replication of the Scottish Highland Games that take place throughout the world. This year, Japan is celebrating its 35th Highland games, which provides the opportunity for Japanese families to partake in a wide variety of activities that traditionally took place in the highlands of Scotland to test a mans strength, perseverance and stamina. Of course, being an all encompassing Scottish event, all these activities are undertaken wearing kilts.

For men all over Japan, this is a chance to celebrate traditional Scottish culture and test themselves against each other. They particularly relish in the male competition that comes part and parcel with events like as "tossing the caber" and "hammer throwing". Highland games competitions are also organised in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Indonesia.

When you consider the role kilts have played throughout the ages, it's no wonder that they are so strongly associated with masculinity.

There is no room for argument, wherever you are in the world, women love men in kilts. Whether it is the novelty factor, the way they look or their strong links with masculinity, wearing a kilt is a sure way to get more female attention.

For a lot of men, this is often all the encouragement they need.

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