Kilts Are Perfect for Any Gym Work Out

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December 05, 2016 By Hayley

Health and fitness enthusiasts all around Scotland and beyond have started a new trend in workout wear--kilts. From near and far, those who spend time relentlessly and tirelessly training their bodies at the gym have begun to see the many benefits, both fashionable and functional, of wearing a kilt to work out in. Many of them are even choosing a camouflage pattern for their kilts, inheriting the idea from “Braveheart.”

CrossFit at Scotland. 

 These kilts seem to be aimed at those who partake in CrossFit, a rather new, hardcore fitness training regimen that began in the United States and has since transcended to other countries around the globe due to its positive effects on the body. With CrossFit reaching Scotland now, these kilts are becoming more and more prominent. Those who enjoy wearing the kilts say that they believe it is a very modern spin on the classic Scottish kilts that have become traditional wear for men. This means that younger men are more apt to wear them if they appear to be more contemporary than their traditional counterparts.

Not only are they great from a style aspect, they offer a certain comfort and breathability that just makes sense when it comes to working out and training. When doing exercise of any sort, stuffy, clingy, hot clothes are uncomfortable and undesirable. This airy new trend gives not only a greater sense of breathing room and comfort, but it makes it easier to maneuver around and work out with a more full range of motion. By being able to do so, the workout may become more efficient and effective.

A spokesperson for the “Braveheart” inspired kilt said that their kilts have all of the benefits of the traditional kilts, but with a twist that makes them more accessible for those living an active lifestyle. As such, this kilt was specifically designed for people committed to training under the CrossFit regimen, one of the fastest growing workout trends in the world. For an idea of how many people could potentially be benefitting from wearing kilts for CrossFit, since its launch in 2000, there are now over 10,000 CrossFit training facilities that have opened worldwide, with 42 of those in Scotland.

Combat Kilt. 

 An American clothing company recently launched a successful and widely adored combat kilt. The kilt was shown with men performing exciting activities such as skydiving and zip lining with ease while wearing these kilts. This, of course, garnered interest in kilts and their athletic uses, even gaining attention from United States servicemen and army supporters. The desire for these kilts was so massive that the clothing brand added the kilt to its line of attire and reproduced it in several different colors to satisfy the demand.

Ever since, the production of kilts for athletic wear has skyrocketed and has bloomed into the trend of wearing kilts in gyms that is present today. More and more Scotsmen are reaping the benefits of a full range of motion in a kilt as well as finding this new way to retain their own comfort while working out every day.

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