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Men's Kilt Outfits Dresses include kilt of his clan tartan, along with either a tartan full plaid, fly plaid, or short belted plaid. Accessories may include a belt, sporran, sgian dubh, tartan socks, garters, kilt pins and clan badges. Ghillie brogues are the traditional, welted rand, thick soled shoes with no tongues and long laces.

Contemporary Kilt Alternatives

by Heather MacCain on

With a spate of recent good weather in the UK, Scotland has been basking in some of the nicest summer weather we’ve enjoyed for a number of years!... Read full article

Kilts: More than Just a Fashion Trend


Kilts have long been a cultural marker of Scottish people and their heritage. When you think of a kilt, you are likely to think about men in full Highland's Dress wearing thick, wooly tartan kilts and playing the bagpipes.... Read full article

A Traditional Scottish Wedding

by scotslass on

In Scotland you can exchange your wedding vows practically anywhere you desire too. You can say 'I DO' to the love of your life, by a 'scottish loch', in a romantic glen, on the shore of a snady beaach or even at the top of Arthur's seat! ... Read full article

Tips For the Scottish Bride and Groom

by Anna Murray on

Scotland is unique in allowing the wedding ceremony to take place almost anywhere you like - as it's the person conducting the ceremony rather that the location that's important ... Read full article

Why Scottish men are sexy... or are they ?

by Arietha on

It was supposed to be a lazy day of sightseeing. A whisky distillery in the morning, lunch at an old mill and then back to our 13th-century castle accommodation in the evening.... Read full article

A Guide to Kilt Outfits


Kilts are a rich part of Scottish heritage. They are perhaps the most iconic and memorable thing about Scotland for those who live outside of the country, as it is commonly thought that this garment originated in the country.... Read full article

Scottish Wedding Accessories

by Mark L Byrd on

Whether you're looking to create a full Scottish theme for your wedding, or just want to add a few distinctive and carefully chosen Celtic touches, you'll need the right accessories to help create the look you're after. ... Read full article

Great Scottish Wedding Traditions

by Michael Breck on

Whether you are getting married in Scotland, or being married abroad, here are some great Scottish Wedding Traditions that can add a taste of Scotland and a touch of luck to your wedding!... Read full article

Prince Charlie – Scottish icon and a tragic hero

by Heather MacCain on

The story of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his midnight flit from the shores of his beloved Scotland is almost a thing of myth, and certainly legend, nowadays – after centuries of romantic embellishment by his friends and enemies alike!... Read full article