Hunting and Camo Kilts

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December 14, 2016 By Hayley

Camouflage is a pattern on clothing intended for use when hunting in the wilderness. Made for a variety of climates, the purpose of camouflage is to keep yourself largely invisible to those beings of which you are currently hunting. Camouflage is also used in military endeavors to help servicemen and women keep themselves out of the line of sight, wherever they are. However, camo, when worn out of the natural context, is a truly eye-catching pattern that will have everyone looking your way.

The next time you find yourself getting prepared to embark on another hunting trip or simply want to make a fantastic fashion statement, be sure to consider a camouflage kilt! Not only will these kilts help to keep you hidden when you need to be and to be seen when you'd like be, you will be able to move much more swiftly and comfortably in everything you do. Stylish and diverse, these kilts are great for any day use such as wearing them to parties or even on the job. These tactical kilts at Scottish Kilt Shop give you a number of camouflage kilts for you to choose from, all of which come with handy pockets.

Woodland Camouflage Kilt.

Woodland Camouflage Army Kilt with its bold, stylish woodland camo look.       Finishing off this work wear quilt are two cargo pockets with carpenter's flaps.

The Woodland Camouflage Kilt is designed to be worn for those hunting in the woods; however, since it is composed of versatile dark forest greens, light grassy greens and natural browns, this kilt is a stylish, colorful combination that is suitable for wear both when hunting in the wooded areas as well as wearing out about town.

US Army Digital Camo Kilt.

US Army Universal Digital Camo Kilt will have you standing out wherever you go.    Leatherette straps on the sides of the kilt make adjusting the waist a cinch, ensuring that you'll be comfortable in the kilt all day long.

This US Army Digital Camo Kilt is one of the more stylish kilts offered, and it will be sure to turn some heads wherever you go. The digital print is a fashionable pattern that is completed by the beiges, browns and black colors found here, making it a simple feat to match it with any professional or casual wear.

Urban Camo Utility Kilt.

The Urban Camo Utility Kilt isn't purely fashionable although it's very stylish.           the design includes antiqued buttons and fittings that add to its style and enhance its durability.

Urban camouflage is perhaps one of the most fashionable camouflages on the market. It is used in many different styles of clothing as it is exceptionally versatile with both its patterning and the neutral colors of white, grey and black. This utility kilt is at once functional and visually appealing. Popular due to its versatility, you can be sure that wherever you wear this in a city setting, you will certainly stand out among other men in kilts.

USMC Desert Digital Camo Kilt.

the USMC Desert Digital Camo kilt brings the hues of the sea to life in a digitized camo print that is fashionable and masculine at once.        Brilliantly colored for an eye-catching effect, the USMC Desert Digital Camo kilt brings the hues of the sea to life in a digitized camo print that is fashionable and masculine at once.

Made from attention-grabbing print and beautiful desert colors, the USMC Desert Digital Camouflage Kilt is perfect for wear wherever you are. It is made from durable fabrics that keep this kilt in its best condition, no matter if you are donning it in an urban setting or out in nature. Get the stylish appeal of digital camo in a comfortable kilt perfect for anytime wear.

Desert Camo Utility Kilt.

If you're looking for a stylish utility kilt to wear to work or to sport when you're enjoying your time off, look no further than the Desert Camo Utility Kilt!           We can make the kilt to your exact waist and length specifications for a perfect, comfortable fit.

Muted browns lay the foundation for a handsome, black patterning on the Desert Camo Utility Kilt. Its subtle colors and striking patterns make for a kilt that is truly perfect for any occasion. It is a utility kilt, so you have plenty of access to pockets to hold the things most important to you, both on the job and while lounging on holiday.

British Military Camo Kilt.

Inspired by the camo prints worn by the British military, the British Military Camo Kilt is a rugged, utility kilt that is perfect for service members and those who simply want a kilt that is truly crafted for work.           The pockets are attached to the kilt with heavy-duty hooks, so that they can be removed if you don't want the added weight at the hips.

This kilt was designed around the patterns and colors used by the British military for form and function that can only be beat by actual attire worn by servicemen and women. The high quality materials used along with the fashion-forward print means that no matter how many times you wear it both when relaxing or when at work, this kilt will hold its ground.

Sage Digital Camo Kilt.

Digital camo is the latest evolution in combat gear and features a print made with tiny pixels of color that come together to create a stylized, high tech design.           Our Sage Digital Camo Kilt features one of these futuristic digital camo prints in a palette of sage green, drab green and forest green.

The Sage Digital Camo Kilt is an all-encompassing kilt that lets you have both incredible colors in a trendy digital camouflage while also enjoying all of the freedom that a kilt affords. Turn heads with the vibrancy of the mix of green shades, no matter what attire you choose to pair it with.

If you are on the hunt for a hunting and military-inspired kilt, look no further than the selection offered by Scottish Kilt Shop, which offers many color and pattern options that can be worn anywhere imaginable to make you stand out in the city or to shield you in a natural setting. The fashion possibilities are endless when it comes to camouflage and they are evolving every day!

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