Contemporary Kilt Alternatives

With a spate of recent good weather in the UK, Scotland has been basking in some of the nicest summer weather we’ve enjoyed for a number of years! However, us pasty Scots aren’t too used to temperatures reaching well over 30 degrees Celsius, and so we’ve naturally been trying to stay cool however possible! When the mercury climbs skywards a full, traditional kilt, combined with the other thick or woollen products Scotland is famed for, are simply not comfortable for most people to wear. So today we’ll make a few suggestions for ways to maintain a touch of Scottish flair in your outfits while remaining cool and comfortable – fully prepared to take advantage of the great summer we’re having! 

First of all of course we must consider the myth that it is not possible to wear a kilt at all during hot weather; with made-to-order kilts there can be adaptations to make this traditional garment a comfortable option no matter what the weather! Although most men will only have one main kilt, usually 8 yards and 16oz wool to ensure suitability for formal events and a long life span, 5 yard kilts are also popular and, as they use so much less fabric, can be much more comfortable! Additionally, many mills supply a range of fabric weights, so an 11-13oz fabric may be chosen for a lighter, cooler experience. And of course kilts have their own “built in air conditioning” so even a slight breeze on a hot day can cool you down quite effectively! In stock casual kilts are also often available in 5 yard options, though the man-made fibres which these kilts are composed of are not as naturally breathable as wool, so it will vary from person to person how comfortable these feel.

However, other times we might simply want to wear something a little bit different from usual. Tartan trousers can be a great way to change up your Scottish outfit, and are highly appropriate for golfing attire of course! Available in as many tartan choices as kilts nowadays, you can even find specially styled tartan trews (as they are known in Scotland) which are able to be worn with kilt jackets such as the Prince Charlie, for formal events such as weddings. For gents’ casual wear, cool T-Shirts and polo shirts are great ways to display your Scottish pride, and are available in a massive range of colours and styles, ensuring you don’t need to worry about bumping into an identically dressed neighbour at your next Highland Games! And of course, a stylish baseball cap is a must have to finish off your outfit on a sweltering day, with golfing, rugby, and other designs proving popular.

The ladies have it much easier in terms of Scottish clothing during the hot months, as the ideas for Highlandwear are already much less restrictive for them. With a broad range of tartans now available in light and airy dupion silk, it is also much easier to continue wearing formal dresses and sashes to special events. But it’s not only special dresses which are a great choice for ladies this summer; tartan flipflops are perfect for taking on holiday, and tartan handbags are available in more patterns and styles than ever before, with fashionable options such as satchel-style bags being an ideal touch to finish an otherwise mundane outfit. And with kilt makers expanding their ranges to include such garments as tartan mini-skirts and hotpants itis easy to beat the heat and remain true to your roots!Finally, for children, Scottish T-shirts are again a popular choice, and Saltire or Lion Rampant beach towels will be essential for the beach, though what they might thank you for the most could be a new Nessie soft toy or Scottish style toy shield and sword set!

Don’t forget also to stock up on postcards and souvenirs if you are a visitor to our bonny country this summer, and create memories of a lifetime in the land of kilts this year!


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