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The term 'Celtic music instruments' is a rather loose one; for the purpose of Ceolas, it covers the traditional music of the Celtic countries - Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany (in France), Galicia (in Spain) and areas which have come under their influence, such as the US and the maritime provinces of Canada, .

Bagpiping at Memorials - Through the Honor and the Tears

by William Don Carlos on

I have played the great Scottish Highland bagpipes for hundreds of memorials over the years. It might seem like a depressing or morbid endeavor, but for me, it is a distinct honor to dignify someone's memory by performing this noble music. ... Read full article

Burns Night – haggis and the sound of bagpipes…

by Heather MacCain on

Recently, we took a look at the fascinating life of Saint Andrew. This time, as Burns Night is getting closer, it’s about time to write about Scotland’s favourite son and mention some traditions.... Read full article

A Conversation With an Atlanta Bagpiper

by Jim Tiernan on

We are sitting down with one of Atlanta's professional Bagpipers. Steve, we understand that the reed and it's quality used by the bagpipers in Atlanta and around the country today is an essential part of a successful bagpipe performance. ... Read full article

The Very Best Scottish Bagpipe Music

by IzzyM on

Nothing stirs your heart more than the sound of the bagpipes, especially if you have Scottish or Celtic blood running through your veins. ... Read full article

Highland Games – athletics, pipes and dancing

by Heather MacCain on

After an enjoyable weekend at the Cowal Highland Gathering a few weeks ago, we thought now would be the perfect time to discuss the wonderful tradition of Scottish Highland Games.... Read full article