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The term 'Celtic music instruments' is a rather loose one; for the purpose of Ceolas, it covers the traditional music of the Celtic countries - Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany (in France), Galicia (in Spain) and areas which have come under their influence, such as the US and the maritime provinces of Canada, .
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So You Want to know How to Play Bagpipes? An Introduction to Piping

by D. Jacob Morrill on

When I started playing the pipes I was 15 years old. I remember how big of a world it felt like I was entering, and how daunting of a task it seemed I had in front of me.... Read full article

How to Play the Bagpipe: What to Know and What It Takes?

by J Perry on

Bagpipes are ancient and enchantingly beautiful sounding instruments in the world. They arouse feelings of honor, loss and profound respect. Maybe you have wondered what it takes to play the bagpipes. ... Read full article

Scottish Bagpipes Music - A Tribute to Scotland

by RedElf on

From a height of land, out over the clear waters of Loch Ern floats the wild, pure lament of a lone piper. A pibroch as deep and dark as "old Ben Voirloch's sleepy shade", the haunting music of the pipes calls to something fierce and free, something ... Read full article

Pipe And Drums

by Anna Murray on

Bag pipes date back from the period of the Celts who marched into conflict to the sound of horns being blown. At the battle of Flodden it is said, is one of the earliest mentions of the bagpipes, that the town piper played his pipes.... Read full article

Scottish Wedding Accessories

by Mark L Byrd on

Whether you're looking to create a full Scottish theme for your wedding, or just want to add a few distinctive and carefully chosen Celtic touches, you'll need the right accessories to help create the look you're after. ... Read full article

Do You Play the Bagpipes? Have You Considered Giving Lessons?

by Mark Andrew Woodcock on

The Great Highland Bagpipes which is the most commonly seen instrument as it is used in military performances and is also popular with civilian players. It has a range of notes which extends from Low 'G' to High 'A'. ... Read full article

Interested in Learning the Bagpipes? A Must Read Guide

by Rauncie Kinnaird on

If you are interested in learning to play the Bagpipes, there are many things you should know first. Learning the bagpipes requires a good quality practice chanter, a tutor book, and formal lessons with an instructor. ... Read full article

How to Choose a Highland Piper For Your Scottish Wedding

by Michael Breck on

There is no better way to celebrate your Scottish wedding than by having a Scottish Highland Piper play at your wedding.... Read full article

The Short History Of Bagpipes

by Idalia Luczak on

There are few things that you can't imagine Scotland without. One of them is wood wind instrument that mostly consists of reeds and a sort of bag filled with air. ... Read full article

Bagpiping at Memorials - Through the Honor and the Tears

by William Don Carlos on

I have played the great Scottish Highland bagpipes for hundreds of memorials over the years. It might seem like a depressing or morbid endeavor, but for me, it is a distinct honor to dignify someone's memory by performing this noble music. ... Read full article