A Guide to Kilt Outfits

kilts are a rich part of Scottish heritage. They are perhaps the most iconic and memorable thing about Scotland for those who live outside of the country, as it is commonly thought that this garment originated in the country. While kilts have slowly spread their reach outside of Scotland and are now being appreciated and worn by people of Scottish descent all around the world, many people may be wondering about Scottish kilt dress, such as the different styles of kilt dress that one can choose as well as the level of appropriateness for wearing a kilt during different times.

Many people choose to wear kilts only during important formal occasions. A lot of kilt wearers will reserve their best kilts and turn them into their wedding outfits to celebrate the occasion. Other important events are also opportunities for kilt wearing, and it gives those who love their kilts a chance to dress up in full kilt attire on the occasion, showing off their Scottish heritage in all of its glory.  

Many others believe that wearing a kilt while working or being outdoors makes the experience more comfortable. In this case, more casual kilt styles are employed. During these instances, it is often cotton utility or hybrid kilts, as they are the most lightweight, breezy and comfortable, and with the utility kilt, it means that you can enjoy the convenience of pockets as well. Casual kilt wearing is also good for those who want to go to day events or just need to go out to town for some errands in comfort and style. It is widely acceptable for kilt wearers to wear kilts virtually any time.

Now that you've decided when and how you want to wear your kilt, the question is: what style of dress should you aim for? Which one is right for which occasion? What details should be considered when putting on your kilt?

Choosing the Right Kilt

There are a variety of different kilts that you can choose from. It is important to think about the type of occasion that you want to dress for when choosing the kilt for that outfit. When you are looking for a casual or utility kilt for work and daytime events, cotton kilts are often the best choice. These are lighter and more comfortable with the added convenience of pockets that utility kilts can provide. For those looking for something more formal and appropriate for big ceremonies and events, choosing a traditional eight-yard tartan kilt is best. These are the formal options, and they are often available in just about any tartan style that you like. If the standard kilts are too warm for wear in warmer environments, wearing the lighter weight poly-viscose kilts are often recommended as they are cooler and will keep you comfortable.

Tartan Choices

Once you have chosen the kind of kilt that you want to wear, you must choose the Tartans. You can simply choose the tartan based on the colors and patterning that you like, or you can choose one that better suits your love of your heritage by picking one that reflects your family. Fortunately, most people won't get offended if you wear a tartan print that is not specific to your family, as there are usually 20 tartans that are often offered in most premade kilts. Those who don't want to risk wearing the wrong tartan color can stick to certain tartans that are commonly worn throughout Scotland by a number of people, including the Blackwatch, Royal Steward, Freedom and Scottish National, and Heritage of Scotland. Only one tartan is not permitted for wear by just anyone, and that is The Queens Tartan. The only people who can wear these are ones given express permission from the Queen herself.


Shirts and Accessories

Now that the kilt has been decided upon, what shirt should you wear with it? There is a variety of different shirts that you can wear with it, from sweaters to formal wear. The most traditional shirt to be worn with a kilt outfit is the Jacobite/Ghillie shirt. This shirt is characterized by its ties around the collar and are easily recognizable. They are considered to be a more casual and relaxed option that needs no tie or bow tie .

You can choose to wear a more formal butterfly shirt with a bow tie as well. A casual Prince Charlie kilt outfit 

or more formal Prince Charlie kilt outfit are both excellent choices as well, and they are widely respected as time honored and traditional pieces of kilt dress that will be appreciated at whatever event you go to. Another popular jacket style is the Argyll jacket. Argyll is a standard style of jacket that offers a higher waist coat, while the Prince Charlie differs using tails and a higher closure. Of course, you will want to consider the color of the shirt and jacket in the way that it works with your kilt.

If you are wanting to forgo a kilt altogether for the time being, a Argyle jackets Trews Outfits will work perfectly. Trews are traditional pants that are made from tartan, allowing you to express your Scottish heritage in a traditional manner without having to go kilted. They come in a handful of styles to fit any taste and event.

As for accessories, the most common one is a sporran. Sporrans are made from different materials and boast different features such as leather and fur depending on if you are wearing them to a more formal or informal event. With a sporran, you can enjoy not only the style that they bring but also the helpful addition of a pocket pouch for carrying around important belongings.

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