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The term highland dress describes the traditional highland dress of the Highlands and Isles of Scotland. It is often characterized by tartan (plaid in North America) patterns in some form, including dress tartans which are modified versions which include white in place of a more prominent color. kilt outfits for sale consist of shirt, jacket, bodice, and headwear may also be worn, along with clan badges and other devices indicating family and heritage.

Highland Kilt Company

in Prince Charlie Outfits, Jacobite Shirts, Ghillie Brogues, Belts and Buckles, Scottish Kilts, Utility Kilts

Kilts Utility Kilts Tartan Kilts Cheap Kilts to Buy.Welcome to Highland Kilt Company.From great quality kilts to all of your Scottish wear accessories,we have you covered from head to toe!Our $89 and $99 Kilt Packages are all in stock .

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Kilt Society

in Argyle Kilt Outfits, Prince Charlie Outfits, Day Sporrans, Ghillie Brogues, Belts and Buckles

The idea for Kilt Society began in early 2014 as we started planning our wedding. I'd been selling kilts since 2004, starting out as a side project while at university and run from a bedroom in my mum's house.

170B Great Junction Street Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH6 5LJ

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21st Century Kilts

in Utility Kilts, Scottish Kilts, Prince Charlie Outfits

Howie Nicholsby's 21st Century Kilts offer a unique take, and are a fitting homage, to a traditional Scottish style. The use of original textiles, ranging from leather, gold and purple denim, camouflage, to pinstripe offer something different

48 Thistle Street Edinburgh, EH2 1EN
United Kingdom

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Kommando Kilts

in Utility Kilts, Sporrans for Sale, Scottish Kilts, Kilt Outfits for Sale, Kilt Accessories

Kommando Kilts – Your Source for All Things Celtic and Scottish. Kommando Kilts provides utility or casual kilts, tartan kilts, shirts, leather sporrans, belts and handmade leather footwear for the discriminating Celt and Scottsman.

7708 Melrose Lane Oklahoma City


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