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We are your source for Kilts and the funniest Celtic & Kilt humor on the web. We are Kilters and humorists. We want you to learn of the freedom that can be had from wearing kilts.We also want to free the laughter from your heart. We are here to guide you on your journey to freedom, and offer you many choices. Whether it is a traditional plaid, cargo kilt, utility kilt, women's modern kilt, tartan skirt, skilt or a kids kilt we have something to help you get rid or your pants.


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United Kingdom

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Dapper Dave
Product Review: Got Kilt

Got Kilt is the perfect solution for those wanting to enter the world of kilts or for the kilt wearer on a budget.If one is just getting started, I highly recommend Got Kilt, the Quality Traditional Acrylic is a great entry level price point. For those wanting to live the Kilt lifestyle, you really can’t beat the Wool Blend Traditional Kilts.

March 2017

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1 Review



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