Our purpose is to provide functional, stylish and well-made kilts that are individually designed and custom built for each client. Every order we make is custom, personal and important to us. From casual twill for work, camouflage for outdoors to the truly special, we make it all happen fast and easy.

Madison-based kilt maker Regina Davan shares how she makes her custom kilts, which she sells to customers around the world.


2001 Manley Street Madison,

WI 53704

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Doc Canary
Fast Delivery and high Quality

My tan dress cotton twill classic build kilt (Say that three times fast!) arrived today. The package was shipped on Monday and and arrived on Thursday. Not bad in my opinion. The kilt came wraped in a dark brown cloth tied with a silver ribbon along with a "Kilted for Kid Kid's Cancer" patch and business cards. This was a very quaint touch and set the tone that this was going ot be a very diffrent and personal experience: Hand wrapped kilt in cloth with a ribbon vs a kilt in an opaque mylar bag. Wil make sure i find appropriate use for the packing materials. My first impression of the kilt was "This is very cool," The kilt has a very professional look and finish, but at the same time has a sense of character and personality that let you know it is a one of a kind creation. The kilt is heavy, even though it is made with the same weight material as a pair of dress casual pants. There is the "man of substance" factor coming into play. The color is rich and the fabric has a very pleasing, subtle, texture that I can best describe as "wavy". I like the texture and don't anticipate it causeing any issues during wear. The stitching is excellent, with no extra/stray threads apparent either inside or outside of the kilt. As expected, the pleats are crisp and lay perfectly. I requested hidden front left and right pockets and a right rear wallet pocket, which took extra time to complete according to the kilt maker. They are sewn excellently as is the rest of the kilt and were well worth the extra time taken. The "floating waist band" feature seems a bit different compaired to the other construction aspects, but since it can facilitate at least a one size adjustment up or down, I will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

March 2017

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1 Review


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