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Howie Nicholsby's 21st Century Kilts offer a unique take, and are a fitting homage, to a traditional Scottish style. The use of original textiles, ranging from leather, gold and purple denim, camouflage, to pinstripe offer something different to those fond of this age old item. 21st CENTURY KILTS were borne in 1996 and launched in 1999 at London Mens Fashion Week.

Howie Nicholsby Owner 21st Century Kilts Scotland, Welcome to our life 2012 Video Editor, Frank Herold


48 Thistle Street Edinburgh, EH2 1EN
United Kingdom

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Alice W.
Attractive Kilts

When some music awards came to Edinburgh a couple of years back (sorry about being vague, I think it was MTV) obviously Vin Diesel and the likes had to show their appreciation of being in our wonderful country by wearing kilts. I'm using Vin as the example here as I remember him having an iconic leather one. All of the Kilts in question were made by Howie of 21st Century Kilts who strongly believes that they shouldn't just be a formal item and every Scot should have one as part of a versatile wardrobe. Enough novelty and let's make men 100 times more attractive.

March 2017

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