What’s So Special About Wearing a Kilt?

What’s So Special About Wearing a Kilt? Kilts are a long-running tradition for Scotsmen. Not only wearing a kilt is huge part of the Scottish people's culture and heritage, they make fashionable displays of said heritage in a way that has become recognized worldwide. Its popularity has helped to put Scotland on the map, so to speak, and allowed kilts to become a true symbol of the land. Wearing a kilt affords its owner a unique style that nods at days gone by while also looking forward to the future of fashion and its trends.

Kilt a Symbol of Honor. 

 The modern day kilt is worn as a way to show a symbol of honor and respect for anyone with Scottish ancestry, as the patterns easily display the clan from which the wearer hails from. However, kilt-wearing origins deviate strongly from just being used to show off its owner’s family name. It began as a clothing item of utmost military importance when it was used to help the fighting army of the Scottish Highlands. Kilts were able to help these Scotsmen obtain a better range of motion and swift movements which aided them in their battles. It can be said that any kilt-wearing Scotsman both in the past and in the future were and are forces to be reckoned with.

Usage of Kilts. 

 In the militant sense, the kilt has many uses. The pleats served as a sort of form of armor, while the thickly woven wool served as a defense against the elements. Its open nature allowed quick, sharp movements, and when it got cold out, the kilt could be removed and worn as a blanket. Uses for kilts have endured even to this day, with many tactical and utility kilts still being worn for both easier, more comfortable movements and added storage. Not only this, but they are often worn in modern times as a symbol of the owner's heritage when donned in a tartan pattern. The kilt is incredibly diverse and each wearer may choose to wear one for their own personal reasons, but there is no doubt that wearing a kilt is an incredibly liberating experience, no matter what drives a man to wear one.

Kilt an Iconic Piece of Clothing.

 Many people still choose to honor the tradition of kilt wearing today, both because of their practicality and usefulness, as well as the stylish appeal that kilts have to offer. While some other places do have kilt wearers, it is the national dress of Scotland and most people all over the world recognize kilts as Scotland bred. This makes them not only beautiful and useful but decidedly iconic pieces of clothing to wear. Owning a kilt is incredibly special because it speaks to the trials and hard times found in the rich history of Scotland while also allowing Scots to proudly display where they come from and recognize others in the same way. This doesn't even include the fact that kilts are exceptionally handsome and fashionable, making it easy to bring the kilts of the past into the fashion trends of the future.

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27 Mar 2017

By Hayley